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Together, let's create a...

Stunning and Compelling 

Business Website

Let's create a website for your business

that's FREE FROM the PAIN POINTS of the past!

With your site on our platform, you'll:

Have total control to update content on your site.

Along with easily managing your domain and site updates at your dashboard, here're just a few other convenient business building marketing integrations that are included or available:

  1. Create and share social posts from your dashboard using assets already in your website's media.

  2. Send marketing EMAIL CAMPAIGNS from your dashboard.

  3. Easily set up a STORE, BOOKING or CALENDAR system.

  4. Completely optimized site for mobile.

  5. SEO wizards to help increase your Google ranking, Google Site Analytics & re-marketing, and Facebook pixel.

  6. CONTACT MANAGEMENT system and contact capture function for your site.

  7. Access to our library of thousands of royalty-free images for use on social media and email campaigns

  8. Detailed analytic information any time a client is inquiring about your business, how your site is performing, and when you appear in searches.

  9. SSL included (Secure Sockets Layer).

This new web collaboration has benefits for us both! 

  • First, it gives YOU total control of your site in terms of marketing, promoting and updating, all in an easy and intuitive dashboard.

  • Secondly, I can be enlisted as "contributor" 
    when more technical or intensive design assistance is needed. 

PaternoGroup is not affiliated with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon or Apple, their products, or subsidiaries in any way. Any reference of said companies are used to describe the scope of PaternoGroup's services.

All Trademarks are the sole property of their rightful owners and trademark holders.

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